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Tuesday 10th January, 7:00pm

Drupal is a free and open-source software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization. The North West Drupal User Group meets once a month at MadLab and features expert help and demonstrations. Go to our Meetup page to RSVP or get more info on upcoming events. Check out some footage from previous meetups on the NWdug YouTube account

January Meetup:

This month Paul Waring will be talking about Configuration Management with Ansible and Git. Paul is a freelance IT consultant based in Greater Manchester, with experience in web design, hosting and programming in a professional capacity since 2000.

Outside of work, Paul runs Currybeer socials and Geek Walks. He is also a regular attendee at ManLUG and has given talks on a variety of subjects.

Ansible is a tool for managing the configuration and provisioning of Linux desktops, servers, and virtual machines. With minimal client requirements (SSH and Python) it’s easy to rollout to both existing infrastructure and new machines. You can use Ansible to manage not only core configuration such as networking. but also individual services and databases.

This talk will show you how to get Ansible up and running and use it to manage a basic Linux server with a collection of services (mail, web and a firewall). We’ll explore the pros and cons of Ansible and why you might choose it over other configuration management options. Finally, we’ll see how to combine Ansible with Git to automate the process, providing rollback support and making sure you never forget to deploy a change. We’ll have all the usual Drupal news, event round-up, and networking.


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