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Monday 6th February, 7:00pm

  • NS Manchester are a group of people in the Manchester area with an interest in iOS or Mac Development. There’s no requirement to be an expert, all you need is to have an interest, so why not come along and join the discussions. Meetups are held on the first Monday of the month and everyone is welcome.

    February meetup:

    This month there are two speakers leading the group:

    – The Windows Bridge for iOS

    – Mike Irving

    The Windows Bridge for iOS is a Microsoft open-source project that provides an Objective-C development environment for Visual Studio and support for iOS APIs.

    In this talk, Mike Irving will provide an overview of the bridge, and walk through installing the tooling, converting an actual iPhone App and running it upon Windows, and discussing pitfalls and problems that may occur along the way.

    The bridge is ideal for iOS developers looking to bring their existing Objective-C applications over to the Windows Platform.

    More info:

    – A Swift Journey

    – Luke Stringer

    The story (so far) of how the mobile team at 3Squared moved to 100% Swift development for all new iOS projects. Topics covered include:

    * What different approaches were taken to learning Swift.

    * How the right projects were identified for 100% Swift development from the start.

    * A tour of the reusable code components developed by the team which are now used in all new apps.

    * The plan for the future – how to get off Objective-C for good!

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