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Python North West

Thursday 16th March, 7:00pm

Python North West is a user group for the Python programming language. Welcoming Pythoneers and Pythonistas of all levels and ages!

This month there will be a demo/hands on session from Leona featuring the micro:bit.

The BBC Micro:bit is a low cost pocket-sized computer, the device has motion detection, built in compass, bluetooth technology, and quite a few other functions as well. It is for use in teaching computing at schools, and was given to every child in year 7 across the UK in 2016 . The session will be looking at a number of projects created by the wider community, followed by a hands on coding session, write your own code in MicroPython, and then a show and tell of your project at the end.

Please bring a laptop with you if you can.

Anyone wanting to get ahead of the curve could take a look at


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