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Scala Manchester

Monday 27th March, 7:00pm

Scala is an “object-functional” programming language for general software applications.

All skill levels of Scala developers are welcome, we are a bunch of Scala developers, Scala enthusiasts and Scala noobs. Connect with other Scala enthusiasts, and those who want to use Scala to develop amazing applications.

This months meeting: Introduction to generic programming (using shapeless)

Scala has a rich static type system which provides powerful features such as implicits and typeclasses. In this talk we will introduce these concepts, then we will dip our toes into type-level programming using a little of  “shapeless”, a library that is considered the swiss army knife of generic typelevel programming.

The talk doesn’t require any type-level programming experience, but basic Scala knowledge is needed to follow the code examples.

Note: This talk is going to be followed by more advanced talk focusing on type-level programming showing examples from a recent project here

About the Speaker

Tamer is the author of Troy, the schema-safe Scala Cassandra driver. He has been building stuff with Scala since 2012, now he is a senior software engineer at Cake Solutions.

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