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Scala Manchester

Monday 26th June, 7:00pm

Scala is an “object-functional” programming language for general software applications.

All skill levels of Scala developers are welcome, we are a bunch of Scala developers, Scala enthusiasts and Scala noobs. Connect with other Scala enthusiasts, and those who want to use Scala to develop amazing applications.

This Month:

Vasilis Nicolaou – Transitioning from Java to Scala

In this talk, Vasilis will give us an overview of his journey into Scala describing some of the core concepts and describing Scala features from a Java point of view.

Alex Lashford – Activator is Dead, but does anyone care!!!

In this talk, Alex will talk through starting a new Scala project, how does the tooling in Scala compare to other languages.  How can we make projects in our organisations consistent whilst proving accelerators for project sprint zeros.

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