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Scala Manchester

Monday 31st July, 7:00pm

Scala is an “object-functional” programming language for general software applications.

All skill levels of Scala developers are welcome, we are a bunch of Scala developers, Scala enthusiasts and Scala noobs. Connect with other Scala enthusiasts, and those who want to use Scala to develop amazing applications.

This Month:

Jan will talk about architecture and design decisions needed to build resilient systems, as a step-by-step guide that you can apply to your current system to discover its critical areas; then to reason about what happens in those critical areas when the inevitable faults start to pile in. Jan will show the different types of failures and the different ways of dealing with them in message-driven microservices (implemented using Akka & Scala). Come to Jan’s talk if you are wondering how to systematically reason about and improve your system’s resilience; to understand how it is going to behave under failure; how to verify that the system behaves as expected before it hits production. To keep things lively, Jan will throw in a few horror stories from production!

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