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Short Story Writing Group

Monday 20th March, 6:30pm

A writing group that meets regularly to share and critique in a supportive environment. We are interested in sharing writing and receiving feedback on our work. The focus of our group is contemporary fiction with a literary bent but all writing is welcome! The session will involve in-depth critique of any new writing, as well as writing chat and possibly some writing exercises too.

February Meet Up:

Instead of a purely critique group, we are going to start with various writing exercises and activities. i’ve got a book or two with some quite interesting ones in so i’ll bring that, but it anyone has any they want to experiment with do bring them along. Also I thought we could do some pastiches to get to grips with unusual styles as well. There should be time for us to critique pieces but it will come at the end rather than the start of the session – so do feel free to submit something (there might be a little less time to go through it though). If you do want to submit for critique, Thurs 16 Feb is a good deadline to aim for.

1. First hour or so (6.30 to 7.30ish) will be focused on writing exercises

2. Any time after that (7.30 onwards) will be focused on critiquing

Other stuff

  • Bring paper/pens
  • Bring Short Story recommendations If anyone has short story recommendations, please let us know beforehand by creating a new post in the group. It’s great to expand our horizons, and will provide fodder to chat about during the evening.

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