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The Manchester Lambda Lounge

Monday 20th March, 7:00pm

The λ lounge meets monthly to talk about and popularise new ways of thinking about computation. Frequent topics include functional programming, type systems, programming language design and aspects of computer science. We are programming language agnostic, traditionally focused on exploring functional programming though we are open to hosting more diverse talks on computer science topics. We were born from the Manchester Clojure Dojo, when we decided there would be more demand for a broader group focusing on functional programming in general.  We asked politely and took the name from the American revolutionaries, of the original Lambda Lounge in St Louis. Our logo was designed by the incredibly talented @hltn.

March Meetup:

Discovering the beauty of recursion and pattern matching

We’re meeting on Monday 20th Mar at 7pm at MadLab where DJ Adams will speak about one of the essential features of functional programming: recursion.

Moving from an imperative mindset to a more functional one requires some rewiring of your brain. One of the areas where this is particularly noticeable is understanding how iteration is achieved in languages without explicit loop constructs. In this talk, we’ll look at recursion as a fundamental building block, and discover how pattern matching in Haskell, Clojure, Elm, Elixir and even JavaScript is a beautiful thing.


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