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Thursday 12th January, 6:30pm

XP Manchester is a language agnostic software development user group with the prime directive of making software developers work smarter.

January Meetup:

This month they have a practical session from Kevin Rutherford on Naked CRC:


I have lost count of how many times I have seen a group of developers discuss a design problem, only for them to discover that they walked away with either a “solution” that just doesn’t hang together, or with different solutions in different people’s heads.

Naked CRC is a great technique for facilitating conversations about the domain, or existing code, and for discussing the impact of change. It helps alleviate the aforementioned problems by creating visual reference points that are surprisingly easy to understand and remember.

This hands-on workshop involves no programming. During the session the participants will explore each others’ designs using Naked CRC cards and simple, old-fashioned conversation. You will be shown how to use the cards to describe your own domain and your own code, and so you will leave with a new perspective on both.”

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