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Open Source Writing

Open Source Writing is an artist and technology-led get together which gives an impartial, non-pressured space to get on with writing code, words, music, patterns, poems or anything in a way that promotes new experiences and approaches. It’s an open group for anyone to join, and the focus is on the interaction of people interested in and working on different disciplines to produce new and perhaps unusual outcomes.

Previous collaborations have resulted in knitting with binary code, the creation of a digital writer’s muse, a prawn factory, parts of four novels, proposals and papers and someone’s diary being more up to date. The aim is to collectively build an open and networked group of people who provide support to the rest of the group by providing feedback, expertise, critical commentary and tea.

Most important of all, the session is what you make of it, so feel free to bring what you like to it and get in touch.

About us:

Oliver Spall works in the BBC’s R&D division, managing BBC Taster which explores experimental ways that the BBC can collaborate and tell stories. He is also an occasional practicing artist, focused on the intersection of technology and culture.

Hannah Pierce is a curator and project manager whose research interests include copyright, site-specific commissioning and supporting emerging artists. She is currently Contemporary Arts Programme Manager at the National Trust.