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Patch: Manchester

Patch Manchester: where the open source community gets together and contributes to software.

It’s often a struggle to find time to contribute to open source, although we may want to. Patch:Manchester is about getting together, teaming up, and putting that right.

If you’re a project contributor, why not come along and help and encourage people to contribute to your project? There will be an opportunity to talk about your project for a couple of minutes before we start. Let the team know you’ll be coming beforehand, and they’ll add your project’s details to the Meetup event.

After all open source projects have introduced themselves, we’ll be teaming up and making awesome patches!

Don’t fancy what’s on offer? Work on something yourself, and encourage others to join you!

If you’re a developer, designer, tester, UX, or want to give back to open source but you don’t know how, come along and join a team. It doesn’t matter what your level of technical skills is, or if you’ve never contributed to the project before. Come along, join a group that looks interesting, and be made to feel welcome! Don’t forget to bring your laptop!