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Short Story Writing Group

A writing group that meets regularly to share and critique in a supportive environment. We are interested in sharing writing and receiving feedback on our work. The focus of our group is contemporary fiction with a literary bent but all writing is welcome!

The session will involve in-depth critique of any new writing, as well as writing chat and possibly some writing exercises too.

For new members

Please have a look at our Google Group forum for how we work in terms of submitting new stuff. It isn’t as complex as it might first seem! But please ask group organiser Andrea Sandor or anyone if you are having problems. You can contact Andrea at

Once in the Google Group, please copy the full body of your piece into a new topic (and mark it with the date of the next meeting, the title and your name). This way we know you have submitted it for the session. The word limit is 4,000 words. Most of the pieces we’re used to looking at are between 1,000 and 2,500 words but if you want to run novel chapters through the group go for it! No limit to genre/style. We see all sorts here.

Normally, everyone prints off a copy of each story submitted. They’ll read each piece, provide comments on what they think works and how they think it could be improved, as well as some reactions to form/plot/character/language/etc. Honest, constructive, friendly, supportive, useful are the key notes to hit.

During the session we’ll take it in turns to provide critiques for of each piece, usually around 2-5 minutes.

Then we will probably go for a pint afterwards, usually just across the road.

Other stuff

  • Bring paper/pens
  • Bring Short Story recommendations
    If anyone has short story recommendations, please let us know beforehand by creating a new post in the group. It’s great to expand our horizons, and will provide fodder to chat about during the evening.