‘Digital technology is a tool to change the world, knowing how to harness it is a fundamental literacy for the 21st century’ —Nesta

A pop-up hardware store for the 21st century, Invent-ory opened in December 2013 at a prominent corner location in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a few doors down from MadLab HQ.

Inventory Sign

The store stocks a tightly curated mix of fun and exciting DIY digital technology products from some of our favourite suppliers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Bare Conductive, Beaglebone) alongside make-it-yourself kits (from Manchester Girl Geeks, Mitch Altman, Adafruit, Oomlout and others) and staffed daily by MadLab community experts. Like the hardware stores of yore, Invent-ory was conceived as a place to buy the supplies needed to discover and learn about digital technology, find the missing piece to finish your latest project or just hang out, ask questions and share cool new hacks.

Digital technologies touch almost every aspect of our life, but still a relatively small number of people are involved in their creation. Invent-ory looks to the past (a “bricks and mortar” store with friendly and knowledgeable staff) in order to look to the future – introducing new audiences, young and old alike, to the pleasures of being a digital maker and hacker, from the first blinking LED to the latest cool DIY project.

Invent-ory was set up with assistance from the High Street Innovation Fund and Manchester City Council, and ran between Winter 2013 and Autumn 2014. We’ll be back soon, but in the meantime you can contact MadLab for a stock list and details of how to buy our products.