LabEasy was a two-week residency and “feral research” experiment at the Arts Catalyst‘s East London HQ aimed at democratising, demystifying and widening participation in lo-fi, hands-on biotechnology – from bioluminescent bacteria to amateur genetic modification, cellular gastronomy to DIY lab equipment. LabEasy was a collaboration between MadLab and The Arts Catalyst, and funded through a Wellcome Trust Small Arts award.

Photo Credit: Martin Malthe Borch, Biologigaragen

In Autumn 2014, LabEasy received the European KiiCS award for art and science innovation. You can read more about the award here.

For more details, check out the Arts Catalyst’s write-up, as well as Nicola Triscott’s blog post about the whole event here.

(Photo credit: Martin Malthe Borch, Biologigaragen)