Open Heritage

Being based in a former weavers’ cottage in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – the area formerly known as St. Paul’s, and the heart of the last industrial revolution at the turn of the 19th century – is a daily reminder of our city’s shared heritage.

MadLab has both a foot in the past, as well as a foot in the future. How do MadLab’s values – community innovation and knowledge sharing, experimentation & play, craft – apply in a heritage context?


Heritage Hit Squad (2015)
Bringing people-power and community expertise together in working towards heritage asset protection. Part of the AHRC’s Connected Communities Festival.

Pararchive (2014)
“Open Access Community Storytelling and the Digital Archive”. In conjunction with Bokeh_Yeah, Arduino Manchester, BBC, Science Museum Group, Leeds University and Carbon Imagineering.

Heritage Decision-making (2014)
An action research project – bringing together a range of partners from community organisations, universities, major national institutions and governmental bodies to tackle the question: how should decisions about heritage be made?

The Ghosts of St. Paul’s (2013)
Introducing modern-day inventors to their Victorian industrial counterparts.