Our Mission

Our core mission is to help people to make things better, together. In pursuit of this, we have three key areas of focus.

Community innovation

The rise of online communities and knowledge sharing have proven that collaboration is the greatest catalyst for change. We believe that as the world gets increasingly complex, it is more important than ever for people with a wide background of experiences and differing areas of expertise to come together, learn and solve each other’s problems, and (perhaps most importantly of all) have fun!


We believe that the best way to understand fast-paced technological innovation is by getting involved, through experimentation and play. In particular, MadLab is an advocate of hacking – taking things apart, figuring out how they work and re-purposing or re-imagining them. This is a principle we apply to everything we do, whether it’s designing new digital devices and services or finding improved ways of working with our partners and communities.


Being a good craftsperson is about having a deep understanding of your tools and materials, whether that’s a soldering iron, 3D printer, software IDE or text editor, film camera, or something else entirely. At MadLab, we have a long-standing commitment to craftsmanship – working with people who we consider to be the best at what they do, giving people access to the best possible resources and training, and making continual improvements to the ways in which we work, both internally and with others.